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Hi, I’m Huk, a Vietnamese wedding photographer, based in Saigon and Danang.

My style of shooting is “catching the moment”, naturally and emotionally.

If you love travelling, artsy, candid photos and looking for an enthusiatic photographer for your big day, I can’t wait to tell your story.

Lễ ăn hỏi của cô Quyên Sài Gòn & chú Tùng Hà Nội
Khi truyền thống hoà lẫn hiện đại
Khi phong cách Miền Nam #befor1970s mix Miền Bắc #after2000s
Khi những chiếc xích lô phố cổ tiến vào quán cafe cô Quyên...

At Huk Studio, we believes that there’s always a special story behind every couple. Besides, the journey to your wedding ceremony must not be easy with difficulties and obstacles. The story of Diep and Phuong was one of those.
They met each other at a party of mutual friends. They were both studying in London at that time. However, after the party they did not meet again til Diep’s graduation ceremony. Phuong prepared himself to show up and celebrated surprisingly with Diep. From that moment, a beautiful long-distance love story has begun, they spent precious time together to travel and discover new lands.
Bride & groom: Ngọc Diệp-Duy Phương
Wedding planner: Ngọc Hoàng
Concept, design , coordination: The F Lab
Venue: Sheraton Hanoi Hotel
Wedding dress: Norah Clara/ Sue Ann Bridal
Wedding shoes: Roger Vivier
Makeup: Dũng Nguyễn makeup artist
Hair stylist: Nguyễn Thuỳ Dương
Wedding favor: Đồn Điền
Video: BD team
Photo: Huk Studio

Sometimes, It's simple how you just do things, like shooting an album in Hanoi's summer time, during the breezing lotus season. Having witnessed the time when Diep and Phuong "connected" with each other, Huk hopes that the happy couple always cherish and treasure every moments captured, to infinity and

Photographer : Huk Studio
Concept, design, decoration & coordination: The F Lab
Venue: Private residence
Ao dai: Momo Saigon
Makeup: Tieu Ma

These days, when most of us are at home traveling through the screens, I thought about my elopement wedding photoshoot with Hung and Thao. It was the end of August, Amanoi was full of the yellow-y color of autumn. I called this a “getaway” wedding, as they left their busy and crowded life behind.
We had a peaceful pre-wedding photoshoot. Everything was natural, from the kiss to the moments they grabbed their hands. It was as if they were living in their own world. And I was able to capture all of their romantic and poetic moments easily. After the photoshoot, Hung and Thao got their everlasting album as they wished for. And me? I had great memories that I am still reminiscing even a year later.
T&H's Elopement at Amanoi
Photography: Huk Studio
Design, Styling, Decoration: Orange Blossom Wedding Planner
Wedding dress: Hacchic Couture

My and Cường - two of my customers - had just celebrated their marriage with an intimate wedding in Dalat. All twelve of the guests were their closest friends. Having no restraints on customs, the bride and groom gave each other their life-long vows in the joy and emotional atmosphere.

As a visual story-teller, I suddenly came up with an idea for the most important day of my life: A wedding, which will also be a roadtrip, along with my best friends. There, me and my fiancé would have a pre-wedding photoshoot, and there would be a small, warm and intimate wedding night. And finally, the moment we read our vows, we will make sure that our friends moved into tears, of joy that is. Instead of a roadtrip just for a photoshoot, why not turning it into a more meaningful experience?

True love stories never have endings

Through a journey of more than five years together, the joys and sorrows, the sweetness and bitterness they all shared. In the end, the love of Nam & Tram was marked by a romantic, intimate wedding with their family and close friends. The coolness of Dalat becomes more tender than ever when the bride sheds the tears of happiness. Sometimes, love is so simple that we just feel safe around our beloved one.
May the love of Nam and Tram to endure forever. Thank you for choosing Huk and empowering Huk to choose vendors so that the wedding can take place in its entirety.

By Huk Studio
Decoration By J'may Wedding & Events Trâm Mavy
Venue: Terracotta Resort

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