HoiAn Destination Wedding of Nico & Mya


Loving, getting married then having children maybe a normal things till we know how great it is when there is our kid appearing in the wedding.

So does Nico and Mya's.

Mya - the Vietnamese bride broke away from the custom to build her own happiness with her foreign groom Nico and their soon.

The dreamy wedding was held at Hoi An beach - a peaceful ancient city in Central Vietnam where traces of a colonial era were intact but were blown up to a new soul of integration, where international guests become relatives.

Being a photographer, Huk experienced from touching to dynamic feeling when the bride came to stage, the groom read the vow, they had the first dance, their family and friends gave the bless and danced together...

Let's click in Huk's photo to deep in the multicolored moments of their wedding to see how love has connected ethnicities.

Wedding design & planning: Hoi An Events Wedding

Photography: Huk Studio

Venue : Boutique Hoi An Resort

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