Quyen + Tung // Engagement Party in District 7, Ho Chi Minh city


Quyen & Tung, the couple whose living conditions and environment are different, were owners of July’s memorable engagement party. The decoration is inspired from Retro style of Saigon before 1975 with some signature details such as font graphics, old Vespas, series of colorful snacks and Co Ba Saigon coffee shop.

Born in Ho Chi Minh City after 1990, Quyen still loves the atmosphere of it and strongly decided to bring it to her engagement. Surprisingly, it could not be happier when the Saigonese were touched by that because it reminded them of their weddings and fiery days of youth.

We were there to observe and record the moment of the couple, their friends and families. Moreover, we also saw the mixture of culture between the North and the South when the family of the groom went to Quyen’s house by xichlo - a traditional vehicle appearing mostly in Hanoian’s wedding.

So awesome to have worked with Đế Minh, the wedding planner behind this concept.

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